Hello World – or actually publishing my first blog post

by notesfromupnorth

I have started on more blog entries than i can count, or even remember. I have starter numerous blogs, but never posted a single thing or released the site to the world. Since i first discovered the great world of blogging i have wanted to participate, but never known exactly what my 2 cents where. I wanted to be a part of blogging, but i had nothing to say. At least nothing interesting enough in my own opinion.

So, over the years i have started a lot of “blogs”, although none made it beyond the sketch stage. For that, i was way too self conscious.

But now, i finally found a place to start. The thing that got me started on thinking seriously about my own blog was a blog post on The Dangers Of Reading.

Since reading that post, i have taken up the “300 words a day” challenge (via 750 Words), and thought long and hard on what i wanted to write about. And i finally found it. See Reasons For Startin This Blog.

Now, all i have to do is actually start writing and posting. For now, i will start with this post – simply starting. Then we’ll see where it takes me.